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Hearts on Fire: Reflections on Parsi Photography - past, present and future This exhibition on Parsi photography at Chemould CoLab is the first major survey of Parsi photography in India, with a specific focus on contemporary photography to reveal new presentations of self amidst the shifting narratives around Parsi identity. The exhibition highlights photography as a burgeoning space for transformation, allowing individuals to negotiate subjectivities and occupy new positions within. Playful and irreverent self-portraits challenge traditional stereotypes of Parsi identity, highlighting themes of memory and heritage with humour and levity, while traditional portraits of the community refer to history and tradition. Juxtaposing those realities, the exhibition aims to take the viewer on a journey from the past to the present whilst noting the ways in which Parsi identity has evolved over time to include the physical movements of the community, providing a mirror to the theoretical itineracy of the images.

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